Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The fire that burns its ashes and melts its heat,
i want to rise up there and win The Defeat!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


mood : pensive
song : tum se hi

Been a long time..

Have done quite a few things lately,learnt people,loved a few,loved one and one more..its been that way with me. :P Sometimes its just nothing(heaven should surely be a white canvas) There are hundred people we meet,a few we remember for long,another few cannot forget..and last few we hate to recall.But love stays,those spent moments seem fresh even at the thought of a recall..fresh enough.They keep coming back,to kill you and make you live at the same time.Can two equally strong and opposite things stay together at the same time? i dont wonder enough about it though..
i like this eternal space for myself..this only seems true..did i say seems? no,this is the only truth.Stay for a little longer and you will know i was just another you.I know no other fact about me.

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