Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where art thou?

in the mindlessness?

in the loud silence?

in a quiter crowd?

in a melting smile?

in a frozen mind?

in a less lost you?
in the skies so blue?

in the haunted self?

in a galaxy of bliss?

in a tortured thought?

*in a milder me*

in a calm unworthy emotion?
in this most worthy illusion!?

in a hand against mine?
in a gesture so fine?

in a fractured heart?
in a missing part?

in a longing for me?
in a belonging for you..?

on hundred such occasions..

i look for myself,in the smallest of me....(?)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I opened my eyes to an eternally stretched sea that's narrating mildly its eternal glory..The blue in the water drifting to consuming all to nothing.

The soothing air over my eyelashes,touching every core of my heart..and my mind wanders all over again...Why do I want to sink into this eternal silence that's gonna last only a while longer? why do i think my end would be as dim and insignificant as the light of my maid's room? Why do i want to die cause am done and content? what is done and content? Why am i at peace with only questions on my mind?

Calmly disturbed..i open my eyes,smiling heartfully..while shedding a tear.. and believing to fill the mighty blue waters..somehow..somewhere.

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