Thursday, December 4, 2008


When the sky had broken into its disillusioned fragments,i was born.And since then a clock has broken in a far off land to remind me of timelessness.This city of pain has thorns to offer and roses to confide into.The green of your eternalness has induced smoke and filtered a bunch of me.My hair has lost its color and my skin has becomes someone else's..

This tune,yes this one! reminds me of you and everything around me is translated into a more lost space..

oh and i remember your eyes,weeping ecstasy.i was done with so much hapiness,remember? i also gave you hint by losing an ear,an eye and a couple to reactions.

I have transformed into a demon,beacuse it pains.

This overcasted sky is secretly weeping..and all the smiles that i had borrowed from you were to keep you happy

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