Friday, March 21, 2008


Madness too mad to surrender!

Madness too mad to surrender!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rain ramblings.

Rain had damped her and the air as usual had left her breathless.Something twinkled..yes,it was the same thing. Her sweet compulsions were dripping of fresh somethings.The dull colors of the morning had given her the perfect shades to color her quest and desperation,that looked same at that moment.May flowers tickled.Her smoky gown stretched skywards,little by little.It was a new world,newer than a hundred facts that she always refused to believe.Bliss sighed.Time overtook..gracefully.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Trigger and the urgency..

'You owe this to yourself too'was spoken out of conviction and the rightly placed faith,that could trigger a life.

There is a unique lyricism in the way he speaks.Something of the sort that does not rhyme,yet making each word a tune in itself.The slowness wrapped with frank rigidity,and the sounds of confusion in the voice, confirming his human-ness and otherwise ..the eternal noise.
While the closed eyes tried to protect the truthfulness of his voice,the ears heard heavens swinging in bliss.And the wind blew harder,chilling the soul yet setting ecstasy free.

There was silence..finally that spoke of timelessness and our perfect encounters with voicelessness.

In the heat of sounding right i was taken aback to save some doubts.The doubts that came from faithlessness,to induce the urgency of establishing faith.

He chuckled and smelled of a ripen ego.

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