Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This dance is the joy of existence

Sunday, April 27, 2008


It didnt need a title,damn!

Thank you

..and I always thought it was because of me

This Sunlight.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go Away.

At times she cannot talk,and other times she refuses to talk..and other other times,the time ceases.
Fortunate are those tongues that are able to confess a million times the same things..but well..her disablities are her last resort.
Keep your sails lows and curiosities high.For in any case,she will pass by.
I hope you dont hear her footsteps,for while being noisy they can ruin a few of your ways.They can make them look,ideally nothing.
And then please dont weep and sigh.She will anyway,pass by.
She comes, to go.
She stays, to know.
She smiles and forgets to cry....because between the two, you just passed by.
She will adore you,and then kill you..softly.
She will smell of jasmine,but will never be a cure for your pain.
She will see what you show,but will always have the same thing to see.
She will be you for a while,and then will forget to get back to her.
She will seem to understand,but will still make you feel terribly speechless.
But please let her pass by anyway,for her feet have ceased to contain the pauses you throw.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Something along with him had got a desperation for clarity.Admist the smoke she found a place to lie down and the warmth of the dim lights were usually addictive.She spoke of the same things,and each time she spoke her faith in the same-ness got more firm.The smell of the smoke took her places she didnt have a memory of.After that she again spoke of the same things.In this Divine space,Gods meditated.They only let their hairs down and hands up.., smoke securing the tenderness of the truth.
A grey blurted.
White-ness followed.
And the smoke kept both of them mysteriously same.

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