Thursday, August 7, 2008


Come to me in your rugged attire
Show me what it is to be fragnating

Chose no perfect words
Give up on yourself
Feel hopeless
For ,once in a blue moon
We see the sharp wrecked stone
Hunting for hurts
Preparing to unburden,the filth.

..and don’t look at me.

Am no man’s wonder.. the Eternal sun.

Rub your cold heart to the fumes of despair
But don’t surrender yet.

Think of me as two
Keep any one.
Don’t think of me
And keep me none.

Do all that
But don’t do this, yet.

Show me both the ways
But let my sky be.

Resist no word
Imagine stones.

Cuddle no dolls
Shower no warmth

Suffer again,this insane pain
And ..thank me.
For, I configure Gods
And chase them to you.

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