Thursday, December 4, 2008


When the sky had broken into its disillusioned fragments,i was born.And since then a clock has broken in a far off land to remind me of timelessness.This city of pain has thorns to offer and roses to confide into.The green of your eternalness has induced smoke and filtered a bunch of me.My hair has lost its color and my skin has becomes someone else's..

This tune,yes this one! reminds me of you and everything around me is translated into a more lost space..

oh and i remember your eyes,weeping ecstasy.i was done with so much hapiness,remember? i also gave you hint by losing an ear,an eye and a couple to reactions.

I have transformed into a demon,beacuse it pains.

This overcasted sky is secretly weeping..and all the smiles that i had borrowed from you were to keep you happy


Prude said...

Then let anger consume you till you make that the reaons for your wanting to return from the deep black depths...

weevil girl said...

I have transformed into a demon,beacuse it pains.

Just like that!! said...
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Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

It's a pity that you don't write often. Hope to see you someday on my blog. I always have a fire glowing there. Pray, take a chair and make yourself comfortable. I'll be busy with my thoughts, but make yourself at home. Cause you might, you just might find something interesting there :)

Cynthia said...

"Seductive isolation, where the
heart does not move"... such
beautiful and truthful words.

purple deepens.. said...

@ Raj:thanks for reading this post :) sure,i will visit your blog

@ Cynthia:as true as real. :) been a while?,hope all is well with you? happy new year

Cynthia said...

Yes, all is well, hope you will
continue to visit Epiphany:Rebirth.

You are a very mysterious woman.

Nadege said...

thorns to offer and roses to confide in...the overcast sky is
secretly weeping..

this prose is one of the most
beautiful and heartbreaking pieces
i've read.

you're beautiful to have written
such as this.

purple deepens.. said...


thanks for reading it :)

purple deepens.. said...

@ Prude: thanks for reading it and mostly for figuring out what i was trying to say :)

gimme your ne blog link?

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