Thursday, November 13, 2008


i did not know of your held up feet
i knew of you,through my recurring defeat

i had sung in your screams,remember?
to lose a tune to make one of my own
and then left,to the leftouts

you had woken up to the taps
and filtered my smoke,
and to all the tunes,you splashed a green.

you had questioned me,remember?
through the cup that you held
through the grass under your feet

i was struck,and ever since lost
to the irresistable gardens of your storm

and the bang you woke me up to,remember?
my cold feet spoke to your dry lips..
..and never met.


Nadege said...

powerful, my interpretation is
a lover who kills themself,
and you are left wondering
and desiring.

thefemaleme said...


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